What is Uke Jams?

Uke Jams is dedicated to spreading the playing of music with others using the medium of the ukulele.

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  • Virtual Music Jams - See Events page
  • Festivals
  • YouTube Uketorials
  • Live Music Jams
  • Workshops

You will find the Ukulele Chord Charts and Uketorials under the "Songs" tab. You can find out more about our Live Music Jams, Festivals and Workshops in the "Events" tab, going to the Uke Jams Facebook page, or using the "Contact Us" tab to send us an email.

Ukulele Chord Charts

The Ukulele Chord Charts presented here were developed by Uke Jams. The appearance of the charts is dictated by our mission: playing music with others. The main principles in putting together these song charts are:

  • Fit every song on one page
  • Make the text as large as practical
  • Include chord diagrams

You can learn more about our formatting choices and methods on our "About Us" tab.