Uke Jams Club Tour

I took a tour today to visit a couple of the clubs listed on the Uke Jams Club Calendar. I visited the Ukulele Strummers of Auburn (USA)  in the morning and the Unitarian Universalist Ukers in the afternoon.

Cliff Johnson hosted the USA at the Senior Center. He took over the group about 18 months ago. The group is very open to beginners. There were a couple of folks today who were picking up their ukes for the first time!

Judy and Nathan at the Unitarian Universalists were most welcoming. The club is hosted at the church, but church affiliation is not a requirement to attend. I believe they offer  a separate hour of beginning instruction before the regular scheduled meeting, so check the contact info on the club calendar to get more details. I will definitely be back. I encourage everyone to check them out. Thanks guys!

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