Ever wanted to try a U-Bass? Here’s your chance!

Every once in a while you must let one of your children go. That time has come for me. I would rather my Kala U-Bass makes beautiful music under your fingers than collects dust on my wall!

I haven't put in the time required to do much more than 1-5-1-5 accompaniment to any song, and since I now spend much of my playing time leading, I've decided it is time to find a new home for my U-Bass.

I have the acoustic Kala-Ubass-2-FS, which is the solid spuce top model seen in this Youtube video. It is currently available at various outlets online for $449. There are cheaper models out there, but they don't have the solid spruce top, and if you're going for the acoustic model, why wouldn't you go for solid spruce? It includes a Kala soft-sided UBass bag. I will also throw in a VOX AP2-BS, which is a little $40 amp you connect between your Ubass and a set of headphones. It includes built in rhythm tracks and effects, and you can learn all about that here.

If anyone is interested, let me know!

New Song Chart: I and Love and You

Normally I wait until I have a batch of songs to upload before posting, but this song is both lovely and entirely unusual, so I couldn't wait. The song is I and Love and You by the Avett Brothers.

I have a challenge for you!  Before you look at the PDF on the Songs page, follow the link above to the YouTube video. Listen to the first two lines of the song and see if you can figure out the time signature. Is it 4/4, 3/4, or 2/4, or something entirely different?

Go ahead....I'll wait.....

.....no, seriously....

The song is so unusual that I had to invent a new method of representing the timing on the chart. The time signature changes almost every measure! 3/4, then 4/4, then 3/4, then 2/4, then 4/4. Who does that?!?

Check it out. Whatever they did, it worked. This is a lovely, lovely song.

Artist Spotlight

For our first artist spotlight, I can think of none better than Gordon Lightfoot. He has long been a favorite of mine, and his core style is singer-songwriter with acoustic guitar, so his catalog lends itself well to the ukulele.

He may also be the most well represented artist in my song collection, although I haven't compared him to Irving Berlin or the Beatles, the two most likely contenders. A quick search for "Lightfoot" on the song page will bring up thirteen entries!

My absolute favorite, though not one of his major hits, is Don Quixote.  Of course Song for a Winter's Night is great too. Then there's...well, you get the idea.

If you're not familiar with his work, I strongly recommend you get yourself a copy of "Gord's Gold," which I find a bit better than his "Greatest Hits."

What's your favorite Lightfoot tune? Don't have one? Well, there are links to Youtube for all thirteen songs. It will be an hour well spent!

This Week’s New Song Charts

Three new charts this week. First up is a jazzy smash hit from 2006, Corinne Bailey Rae's Put Your Records On. This has a beautiful chord progression that looks harder than it is.

Next up is a minor hit from one of my favorite contemporary bands, Dawes, with From a Window Seat. The chart gives the simple chords that follow the vocal, but the recording sometimes has a driving, syncopated strum that alternates chords. The chart gives those alternating chords, but it will be up to you to listen to the recording and decide if you want to attempt them.

Finally, a classic from Tom Petty's debut solo album, Wildflowers. A few simple chords, a sweet melody, and of course, Petty's signature vocals. Well, at least we can replicate two out of three! Enjoy!