Artist Spotlight with New Song Charts

The spotlight today is on The Carpenters. I've heard Simon and Garfunkel referred to as Paul Simon and "The Voice." But for me, "The Voice" always belonged to Karen Carpenter. We already had six Carpenter songs or covers available (Top of the World, There's a Kind of Hush, Jambalaya, For All We Know, Merry Christmas Darling, and Sing) in the song table, but this week we add three more: Close to You, Rainy Days and Mondays, and Yesterday Once More. There are a few more to come, but with nine songs available, it was time to shine the spotlight on this great duo.

What's your favorite Carpenter's tune?

Look Who’s Turning 60!

Four new song charts for this week that are, just maybe, influenced by a pending personal milestone!

First up is a funny ditty from 1915, Some Little Bug is Going to Get You. I first heard this song by the irrepressible Janet Klein and Ian Whitcomb, who where playing the uke long before the recent craze. Check out Janet's version. If you play the uke and you haven't discovered Janet, you don't know what you're missing, though this song doesn't feature the uke.

Next we have Miss Me When I'm Gone by Ben Vaughn. This is a touching song about what I'm going to miss most when I go: Me!

Third today is The Drugs I Need by the great Austin Lounge Lizards.

We round it out with a song that likely has flown under everyone's radar: Brand New Dance by Louden Wainwright III.

Go to the Songs page, sort by Upload date to bring these four songs to the top, and have a listen to the YouTube links. You won't be disappointed!


I have added a new column to the table of song charts: # of chords. You can now sort by the number of chords. Did you know that there are ten 2 chord song charts? Or that there are 179 songs with no more than 4 chords?

On the other side of the coin, there is a song with 28 chords, but that is mainly because it modulates through four different keys!

I hope this will be especially helpful when trying to expand your selection of beginner songs.


Uke Jams’ World Tour visits Ukulele Fridays in Sacramento

This Friday I visited Ukulele Fridays at the Hart Senior Center in Sacramento. John and Dianne from the Roseville/Lincoln area were also attending for the first time, a happy coincidence. Stacy, who runs the Orangevale Strutters, was also there. Ukulele joy and happiness are taking over the world! Resistance is futile.

You can find details about Ukulele Fridays on the Clubs page of UkeJams. Debi and Mary run a great event. Welcoming, warm, open to new music, just a great vibe. Check it out if you have a chance. Two hour parking was both free and easy to find on the street. You may want to connect via email (again, see the club page for details) since there are a handful of weeks during the year that they do not meet.

This is one I will definitely be attending again. And no, Sacramento and Lincoln do not require passports to visit! It is a scant 35 minutes between the two, and this was at 2 in the afternoon on a Friday on the way home!!! So if you’re in the Western Placer area, check out Ukulele Fridays. And if you’re in the Sacramento area, be sure to come on out to Lincoln on Sundays. Details….you guessed it….on the clubs page!